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Green Mix Inc.

An alternative asphalt product that is more
environmentally friendly than hot mix. GreenMix
is an advanced cost-effective asphalt product that can help your building earn LEED Certifcation.


LEED Approval

While the US Green Building Council will not endorse any products or services, Green Mix, Inc. in 2007 had foamed asphalt reviewed by the Council. In July 2007, Green Mix was approved as eligible for points towards LEED Certification for a project in the areas of construction waste management, resource refuse, recycled content, regional materials, and innovation in design.

“In Nature there is No Waste.”
                                -William MdDonough, FAIA


Finally there is an asphalt pavement product that is 100% recycled, comparable in strength to traditional materials, and is environmentally friendly to stand the test of time.

In a letter dated March 30, 2007, Tom Gampler of SMG, the Maryland LEED representative for Building Green, Inc. stated, “Your product will increase demand for a building material that is ‘extracted’ (i.e.: recycled) and manufactured within the region, thereby supporting the regional economy and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.

G.R.R. in 2006 became the first firm in the U.S. to initiate the purchase, installation and operation of a KMA 200 Central Plant for the manufacture and placement of foamed asphalt “Green Mix” by Green Mix, Inc., a regional mid-Atlantic materials recycler and manufacturer.

Principle owner Harold Green stated "Knowing the unique environmental benefits as well as energy efficient and cost competitiveness of Green Mix, we quickly began the process of applying to the Building Green Council in Brattleboro, Vermont to have Green Mix approved as a “Green Product”.

The product therefore has holistic benefits resulting from it's stand alone, first-of-its-kind manufacturing plant that significantly reduces Greenhouse gases.  It is simply put, remarkably innovative.

These attributes lend themselves to LEED certification and eligible for LEED credit in the categories of “Material  & Resource – MR” and “Innovation & Design – ID” categories.

Since 2006, some 900 jobs across MD/DC/VA have been completed on commercial parking lots and roadways using over 85,000 tons of Green Mix foamed asphalt.

Let us help you specify Green Mix on your next LEED project.

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