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An alternative asphalt product that is more
environmentally friendly than hot mix. GreenMix
is an advanced cost-effective asphalt product that can help your building earn LEED Certifcation.


What is Foamed Asphalt?

Our Mission

At Global Resource Recyclers, Inc., (GRR) we strive to meet the needs of our clients by providing cost-effective construction materials, which can be used as an alternative to the conventional materials without compromising the structural integrity. We are also committed to provide high quality pavement engineering and materials testing services such as pavement evaluations, pavement designs and collecting in-situ samples to develop foam asphalt mix designs for cold-in-place recycling (CIR) and full-depth recycling (FDR). To serve our clients we draw from more than twenty-five years of experience and an understanding of our challenging field.  At GRR we believe that a strong consultant and client relationship yields proactive solutions and consistent results.

GRR Growth

GRR was established in 1992 with an office in Forestville, Maryland.  We have been supplying environmental friendly and cost-effective foam mix asphalt for the construction of foam asphalt stabilized base (FSB), recycled concrete aggregate (RC-6) and crushed asphalt millings (RAP) to our valued clients. To provide more consistent products and offer more services like developing FSB mix designs for our clients, we established a quality control laboratory at our Forestville facility in 2011. To take advantage of the recent growth in using foam mix asphalt, we are planning to add a mobile foam asphalt plant in Virginia.  With this enhanced mobile operation we can better serve our customer needs. Along with our physical growth, our services have grown to include construction monitoring, sampling, and testing of foam mix asphalt product. Our client base has grown and we now serve commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential clients of every type and size.  
GRR recently hired a pavement and construction materials professional with a doctorate degree in civil engineering and five years of industrial experience in construction materials and pavement engineering. This inclusion further ensures the quality of our services. 


Pavement Engineering

Our pavement expert is actively involved in both engineering and construction activities such as visiting project sites, evaluating and designing pavements and collecting samples of in-place materials to develop CIR and FDR mix designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients complete testing and engineering services on newly emerging foam mix asphalt technology. Our complete list of services is the following:

  1. Pavement thickness design by using cost-effective FSB as an alternative material to the conventional crushed aggregate and hot mix asphalt binder courses
  2. Collection of field samples and develop mix designs for CIR and FDR, in order to re-use the in-place materials more effectively
  3. Develop foam mix asphalt mix designs with different materials locally available and test for in direct tensile strength and modulus of resilience in-order to incorporate in pavement designs
  4. Perform pavement evaluation and provide maintenance recommendations
  5. Provide consistent and quality assured foam mix asphalt produced from our central batch plant
  6. Provide quality control and quality assurance services for FSB, CIR and FDR projects
  7. Provide recycled concrete aggregate (RC-6) and crushed asphalt aggregates for various construction purposes along with gradation curve and Proctor values in order to expedite the construction process and save testing time

Billing Structure

GRR has a flexible billing structure designed to best meet the needs of each individual client or project.  As indicated on the attached rate schedule, we have day rates and hourly rates.  The rates form the basis of our billing and can be used by you to estimate project costs.  The day rates are given to provide more cost effective services to longer projects. 


GRR is among the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled company in the eastern part of the U.S in testing and producing a consistent foam mix asphalt product. We have grown through providing our clients with quality products and cost effective solutions. We are proud of our accomplishments and services and appreciate you taking the time to review them.  If we can be of any assistance or can provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your time. 

Global Resource Recyclers, Inc.
2600 Marble Court
Forestville, MD 20747
Phone: 301-568-2050, Cell -240.375.1443, Fax: 301.568.0776


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